About us

With over 30 years experience, KA International is one of the main benchmark brands for customers and professionals in the world of interior decoration. Through our shops network, we share our passion for decoration in many different countries.

All started in 1984 with the opening of the first store in Madrid that was selling fabrics imported from the United States. This initial project resulted in a great success and turned us into an established leader in the textile world.

Later on, we started creating our own designs and in 1992, we embarked on the international adventure with the opening of the first store in Paris. Further growth involved the launch of the first collection of upholstered furniture and tailor-made products.

What do we do?

KA International shops not only design and sell home decor products, but also offer expert INTERIOR DESIGN ADVISORY SERVICE, that is always considers the customer’s style and the interiors’ peculiarities. Our highly skilled professional team creates all kinds of interior designs, both for PRIVATE HOMES and COMMERCIAL SPACES (hotels, nursing homes, etc).


We believe that the main key to our success is a clearly recognizable one-off style, KA STYLE. It has evolved and universalized at the same pace as our client’s demands.


KA INTERNATIONAL offers comprehensive solutions to interior design. We are experts in that we do and we can provide everything necessary for decoration of any interior.

The majority of our products are produced in Spain complying with stringent European regulations and with a special emphasis laid on environment care.


One of the main features of KA International is a superb design of fabrics with an excellent price-quality ratio. The brand’s approach created a new concept of textile design on the Spanish market. Fresh motifs and compositions, together with the quality of fabrics, resulted in a one-off style and personality that won domestic clients over and quickly conquered foreign market too. Our yearly updated collection of over 1.500 fabrics, is subjected to a thorough design and production process. Our latest collections include fabrics treatment for easy cleaning with water, called “Stain Release”, that grant new and revolutionary properties to our textiles.


Wide range of tastes in all the countries where KA International is present, resulted in a most flexible furniture offer. This way, the variety of our sofas, armchairs, chairs, headboards, chaise longues and footstools is very wide design-, comfort- and pricewise. A qualified product design team, which is undergoing continuous training, develops and creates furniture in accordance with the latest trends of interior design and preserving the traditional timeless canons.

Our goals are growing day a day and our styles variety is expanding to attract even greater number of people.

Our aim and our great motivation is to create and bring our own one-off hallmark to the customers.

Open your own KA International shop

Opening a KA shop means choosing a constantly growing and developing business. Our brand has continuously evolved over the time, both in business expansion – through the opening of new shops in Spain and abroad – and in design and creativity. This evolution allowed us to take a clear stand in the world of decoration as one of the main benchmark brands with its own signature style.

If you are interested in opening a shop, please do not hesitate to contact us at expansion@ka-international.com.