About us

With over 30 years of experience, KA International today is a clear reference point for customers and professionals in the world of interior decoration. Through our shops, we share our passion for decoration in 46 countries.

It all starts in 1984, with a first store in Madrid, where we sold imported fabrics from the United States, an initial project was a great success and we became a clear leader in the textile world. Later we started creating our own designs and in 1992 began our international adventure with a first store in Paris, we launched the first collection of upholstered furniture, and custom tailoring service. In 1999 outside shops and exceeded those of Spain, we have always been a chain with international soul.

What do we do?

In KA International shops we are dedicated not only to the design and marketing of decorative products, we also offer an advisory service of the highest quality, depending on the style of the client and the particularities of space. We have an excellent team of professionals covering all areas of design and decoration for both private individuals and contract (hotels, residences, etc.).


We believe that one of the fundamental keys to our success is having a clearly recognizable style - KA THE STYLE -. A style that has evolved at a pace that demanded our own customers.


KA INTERNATIONAL gives a comprehensive response to household requirements. We are specialists in what we do and provide everything you need for the decoration of any house.

Most of our products are manufactured in Spain following the strict European standards and with particular emphasis on respect for the environment.


KA International is characterized by designs on fabrics with excellent value. His proposals opened a new concept in textile design in the Spanish market. The freshness of drawings and compositions, coupled with quality fabrics made our firm quickly acquired a style and character that took root in the public taste of our country, and quickly conquered the international market. Our collection of over 1500 textiles renew each year, is subjected to a thorough process of design and manufacturing. The latest collections incorporate a finish easy to clean with water, "Soil Release" that gives new tissues and revolutionary properties.

Upholstered furniture

The diversity of tastes in countries where KA International is present, has made the most of our flexible range of furniture. Thus, the range of sofas, armchairs, chairs, headboards, chaise longues and poufs is wide and varied in design, comfort and price. A qualified team of product design, always in constant training, creates and designs furniture following the current trends and maintaining the classical canons that always remain.

Our goals grow and develop day by day, expanding styles that are able to seduce an ever wider audience, for its variety.

This is our proposal, our great motivation to create and bring to the public our design with a sign unique and personal identity.

You can have your own store

Opening a store KA is a bet on a business in continuous movement and development. Our firm has developed a continuous evolution over time, both in business extension -new national and international- openings as well as design and creativity. This evolution has allowed us to position ourselves in the world of decoration as one of the main references in the market, with an easily recognizable style.

If you are interested in opening a store, do not hesitate to contact us: expansion@ka-international.com